March 29, 2014

Prada Guide Part 2

The Prada Handbag Guide - Part 2

Read Part 1 of the guide to learn about the Prada logo, zippers, and lining.

If you're still trying to determine the authenticity of your bag, you should check the hardware, stitching, Authenticity Card and more.

Prada Hardware

The hardware on Prada bags will be either silver-toned, gold-toned, or rose color gold-toned. It will only be one of those colors, not a combination of colors.All hardware – zippers, buckles, locks, knobs, clasps, chains, metal feet, etc. will say Prada. If it doesn't say Prada, it’s not an authentic Prada handbag. The letters will be very clean and clear.

Warning Signs:
  • Any hardware that does not have the Prada logo
  • Poorly stamped, hard to read logos

Prada Stitching

The stitching on Prada bags will be flawless. The stitching is small, clean, straight and uniform.

Warning Signs:
  • Fraying or loose ends
  • White, uneven stitching
  • Loose, sloppy stitching

Prada Interior Number Tag

Most Prada bags will have a small white tag inside the bag with a two or three digit number.

Prada Materials

Prada uses many different high-quality materials for their handbags. High quality fabric and leather will also weigh more than other materials.

Here is a list of the materials Prada uses:

  • Bufalo - Buffalo Leather
  • Canapa - Canvas
  • Cinghiale - Wild Boarskin
  • Coccodrillo - Crocodile
  • Daino - Deerskin
  • Feltro - Felt (usually wool)
  • Lucertola - Lizard
  • Nappa - Full Grain Leather
  • Pelliccia - Fur
  • Raso - Satin
  • Saffiano - Textured Leather
  • Scamosciato - Suede
  • Spazzolato - Polished Leather
  • Struzzo - Ostrich
  • Tessuto - Woven Microfiber
  • Vela Sport - Nylon
  • Vernice - Patent Leather
  • Vitello - Calf Leather

Warning Signs:
  • Leather that has an unpleasant or overbearing smell
  • Thin, cheap materials

Prada Authenticity Card and Box

Prada products purchased from retail establishments will come with an Authenticity Card and a box. The box and envelope the card will come in is dark purple/black with the Prada logo embossed on it in a glossy but matching color. The Authenticity Card contains the style of the bag and its serial number.  However, vintage bags don’t always have serial numbers.

Warning Signs:
  • Envelopes or boxes that are different colors
  • The wrong font for the Prada logo
  • A Certificate of Authenticity – this is not the same thing as an Authenticity Card,         and is not a real document.

Prada Dust Cover

Prada bags also come with a dust cover. The dust covers are white cotton – that looks and feels like flannel – with the Prada logo embossed on the front in black. Prada handbags do not have any plastic or other wrapping on the hardware or handles. Older dust bags were navy blue with a gold embossed logo.

Warning Signs: 
  • A dust cover in different colors or fabrics. 
  • A dust cover that has pills 
  • A dust cover with a crooked or logo or uneven lettering.

I hope this guide has been useful in helping you determine if your Prada bag is real. Please let me know in the comments if you think I have something incorrect or if you know of any other ways to determine the authenticity of Prada bags.

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